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hi♫! click my music player it's great. i'm kat im 15 and i'll be posting mainly vocaloid, kagerou project, and anime, as well as art and other random stuff. talk to me aHHHH

Aug 21

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when was the last time i drew Hatsune Miku


when was the last time i drew Hatsune Miku

Aug 20



how to make ur anime:

(something) no (something)

done now u have an official working title for ur anime

tfw no gf

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Aug 19


if you can have a long and meaningful conversation with me even though we haven’t seen or talked to each other in super super long and not make things awkward you are hella special

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i am literally the only person in my history class who has been turning in work consistently all year and i just got an email from my professor saying that if i’m not feeling up to it i dont have to bother writing the 18 page final paper he assigned i just have to not tell anybody god is real

For a while i thought you meant that you had to not tell people that god was real.

This is why punctuation was created

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